Student Visa Canada!


Student Visa Canada! Canada is among the desired countries for graduation and higher education. Canada’s quality education and employment opportunities attract students to complete their education in Canada.  Student always seeks quality education that can provide multiple skills to help in building a Career and Canada gives that facility that makes Canada a favorite destination… Continue reading Student Visa Canada!

Indian Spouse Visa

spouse visa

Indian Spouse visa is issued for foreigners who want to reside with their spouse in India. Before applying for the Spouse Visa you must understand the criteria and other formalities for Visa. Eligibility for Spouse Visa Marriage Before applying for the Visa you must have the marriage proof. You should carry a marriage certificate that… Continue reading Indian Spouse Visa

What is Schengen Visa?

Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa is a permit that allows you to travel to 26 European nations. Austria, The Chech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland, Schengen is a group of 26 European Nations. Indian Citizens need a Schengen Visa to Travel within European Countries,… Continue reading What is Schengen Visa?

What is Family Reunion Visa?

Family Reunion Visa

A family Reunion Visa is issued for a person who wants to live in another country with their family whether their wife, Son, or Relatives. Different Countries have different procedures for Family Reunion visas. Individuals are attracted to Germany for their Career Development. If your family member working in Germany and settled there they can… Continue reading What is Family Reunion Visa?

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Australia’s Skilled Immigration Program


A job seeker who wants to work in Australia, the Skilled Immigration program gives you an opportunity to work in Australia.  Various Visa options are for those who are skilled, qualified, or Independent workers. Subclass 189 and Subclass 190 Visa’s attract the workers who want to migrate for the job in Australia. Both visas have… Continue reading Australia’s Skilled Immigration Program

Why AIP is Best Visa Consultants?

Visa Consultants

When you apply for a Study Visa, Work Visa, Schengen Visa, Family Reunion Visa, Spouse Visa, or Visitor Visa, A tiny mistake can lead to the rejection of applications. Collecting a document again wastes your valuable time and effort, so you need an Expert who can save you time, effort, and money. AIP can assist you… Continue reading Why AIP is Best Visa Consultants?

What is Student Visa


If you want to pursue a career in other countries or immigrate for any purpose such as a Job, Business, or Tour you need to fill application for a Visa. Study Visa is required for students who wish to Study in Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, or another country. According to the Report of… Continue reading What is Student Visa