Indian Spouse Visa

spouse visa
spouse visa

Indian Spouse visa is issued for foreigners who want to reside with their spouse in India. Before applying for the Spouse Visa you must understand the criteria and other formalities for Visa.

Eligibility for Spouse Visa


Before applying for the Visa you must have the marriage proof. You should carry a marriage certificate that can prove you are married.

Age and health

You must be 18 years old. Your health must be good, because you may go for a medical examination during the visa process. Good health can assist in processing your visa application soon.

Criminal Record

You should not have any criminal record in the country where you were raised, and not be convicted of any crime in the country where you were living in the past 10 years. You have to obtain a police clearance certificate of no criminal record to process your Visa application.

Other Documents

You may need to submit other documents along with your visa application as per the rules and Visa norms.

How to apply for a Spouse Visa

Online Application

You can apply for your Visa online without any hassle. For online applications log in to and fill in all your details for issuing of visa, select the Visa category, and fill in your details correctly, filling in the wrong details leads to rejection.

Uploading Documents and Paying the Visa Fee

After filling out the application form upload all the required documents that prove your eligibility to issue a Spouse Visa, and pay the application fee as per the Visa norms.


After paying the fee and applying for the visa take a Printout of the receipt to present in the embassy during the appointment.

After applying you should track the application status from time to time so that you can get your Spouse Visa without any delay.

You can contact an AIP visa consultant in Ludhiana, who can provide assistance for your visa application to make your spouse Visa application hassle-free.


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