What is Family Reunion Visa?

Family Reunion Visa
Family Reunion Visa

A family Reunion Visa is issued for a person who wants to live in another country with their family whether their wife, Son, or Relatives. Different Countries have different procedures for Family Reunion visas. Individuals are attracted to Germany for their Career Development. If your family member working in Germany and settled there they can apply for a family reunion visa to stay with a family Member.
Different rules apply to different categories of people.
Conditions for Family Reunion Visa
Your application must meet the strict condition requirement to qualify for the family reunion Visa, Depending on your status.
Citizens of the European Union (EU) need only a valid passport or Identity card in order to enter Germany to live with their family. They are only required to register with the Registration office within three months of arriving in Germany. Citizens of non-European Countries are required to apply for a family reunion Visa to join your relative, then the Permit will be issued by the Authority.
Eligibility to get a Family Reunion Visa
Health Insurance
Residence Permit
Proof of Income (sufficient for living)
Sufficient Accommodation to stay
Resident permit to stay in the Country, and proof of Income to calculate the finance to meet the criteria to live with the family and space for living with the family.
These are the General requirements to apply for a Family Reunion Visa. You may contact Immigration Lawyers and consultants for the complete visa process, documentation, and formalities. You can Contact AIP, Authentic IELTS Preparation in Ludhiana.


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