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Welcome to AIP Study

We basically deal in all English language tests. Besides, we help students to get admitted in top ranked universities from the globe major in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, USA and UK. We have been running our organization since 2017. Our Offices in Germany, UK, Australia & 2 offices in India. AIP is one of the genuine and trust worthy immigration companies and students mostly feel happy after receiving our service. However, the exclusive and talented team of AIP give mental and psychological students during their whole process and make the process smooth so far.

AIP employees a two-tier recruitment model for student placements:

  • AIP Represented Institutions: We are affiliated with over 500 partner institutions around the world, representing 100% of the Group of 8 Universities in Australia and globally renowned Universities and Colleges across USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany, Malaysia, Dubai, and Singapore.
  • AIP Admissions Consultation: We assist aspiring students with their admissions placements; selecting courses and study programs, university application preparation, student visa applications, offer financial management advice, and more. The AIP team of career advisors can be credited with a success rate of 1000+ student placements per year, at Universities and Colleges that we represent across the globe.

With our dedicated team of 200+ career advisors and support teams, we have built solid relationships with schools and colleges in the cities and countries we represent, and regularly conduct International career-day seminars, and workshops across a diverse range of schools and colleges in India. We also conduct education fairs and country specific-career days, giving students the opportunity to meet with university representatives, and gain valuable information about programs and courses, with the chance to apply to colleges and universities, on-the-spot.


To provide a transparent and efficient service network to our students and institutions, while nurturing a delightful environment for our teams to flourish, personally and professionally.


To be the number one service provider in Education Services, and for AIP to be the name that pops up every time a student thinks of studying abroad anywhere in the world!

Full Service Offering

  • Organizing career seminars and workshops
  • Student profile analysis and career counseling
  • Short listing of courses & universities
  • University application preparation & lodgement
  • Editing of essays, SOP, letter of recommendation, and resumes’
  • Assistance with student visa, visitor visa,
  • Scholarship and bursary guidance
  • German Language training & test coaching, and English language training (IELTS | PTE | TOEFL)
  • Counselling and interview preparation for visa
  • Assistance with foreign exchange
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Travel & accommodation assistance
  • Recruitment services