IELTS Listening Exams Guide!

IELTS Listening Exam Guide
IELTS Listening Exam Guide

The IELTS listening portion is tougher than the other portion. IELTS Aspirants from India face more challenges in comparison to other English Speaking Countries. You may have achieved expertise in speaking your native language, but while you learn your native language you have to join many courses from basic to advanced level and after a practice of many years you are now an expert in your native language. In spite of many experiences of listening, writing, and speaking you can speak well but if some pattern is set to clear any exam of native language then you have to prepare under the guidance of experts for facing an exam. Similarly, you need a powerful strategy to face IELTS listening Exams. Follow these tips for IELTS listening exams-

1-            Understand the pattern of IELTS Listening

In the listening exam, you will get 4 listening passages, you have to listen to them carefully and give the answers within 40 minutes of timing, and every passage has 10 questions and a total of 40 questions.

Passage 1 – Passage one is a General conversation between two people such conversation over the phone about asking and sharing information with each other.

Passage 2- it is general information provided by one person based on daily life.

Passage 3– In this passage, you have to hear the conversation with a group of people, maybe a conversation among the students was a discussion on an academic topic, but this section might be the toughest due to its complicated topics and vocabulary.

Passage 4– in this passage, you will hear lectures from university professors, who can give lectures about any topic, it may be you never heard about the topic. This passage can be the toughest of all the passages.

2- Online study material

Collect all online study materials such as lectures from the top universities, and take online tests conducted form the various IELTS Institutes to assess your preparation. This practice helps in assisting in your IELTS listening exam.

3- Join Authentic IELTS Preparation Centre

Join any IELTS center which can guide you to prepare for the IELTS exams. You can also join online IELTS coaching as per your suitability.

4- Preparation from other sources

If the topic of the passages can be different, and not decided before the exams, you should also think out of the box, you should listen to lectures, listen to English News channels, and watch talk shows that can enhance your knowledge and improve your listening skills.

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